Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Wagoneer door fix

There were some nasty rust spots in the rear door of the Wagoneer. When I cut them out it was clear I'd need another door or I had to fix the door panel. Don't you just hate rust? I decided to experiment and fit a new panel between the trims and weld the holes on the lower part. The only holes on this car are on damaged paint and this car seems to rust from the outside in, unlike most cars I know.
The new metal in place. Not pretty, but functional.  Front door needed a patch as well.
 With a little filler it even looks almost respectable.
Red anti-rust paint. Scraping off the trim line stickers took a while, using my heat gun and a plastic blade.
The Lh side almost done. The plastic wood veneer had to go and is replaced with a tan colour roller painted on black. I'm not too worried I the lost offroad pin striping..