Wednesday, 9 January 2019

Naumann and G.Kok (R.Knoch, Saalfeld) sewing machines

This is the second Naumann in the collection. This one is branded "Naumann" only in stead of  "Seidel und Naumann". Manufactured in Dresden Germany.
There are differences especially in the decorations, but also the stitch length lever is in a different position.
 The cover has some nice veneer and inlays while the name is written in "gold"
 Another interesting machine is the " G.Kok" 
The machine is Branded G.Kok. The name is printed rather crudely over the decorations. G.Kok might be the name of the importer of the machine or even a local retailer. Identical machines were made under the "Ossa" and  "Victoria" names.
 I suppose the "K" might stand for the Richard Knoch works in Saalfeld a/ Saale in Germany.
Though there are some very nice decorations on the case, the lack of a brand name suggests this machine was manufactured without branding so it could be sold onder different names.