Friday, 11 January 2019

Messerschmitt sewing machine (ready for take off)

I knew they existed, but it was a big surprise to be offered an actual Messerschmitt sewing machine from the Fifties or Sixties.
The company is better known for building airplanes during ww2. But after that war they had to revert to building more peaceful machines like sewing machines and even small cars. 
The logo is very similar to the logos used on the cars.
The rear of the machine is very clean. The motor is built into the body though the drive works by an external belt.
The bobbin and bobbin case look very different from the usual Pfaff versions. The bobbin is secured by a clip so it can't fall out while fitting the bobbin case.
This is where the bobbin case goes.
The accessories are stored in this plastic bag. 
The case is worn, but still protects the machine well.