Saturday, 9 December 2017

1903 "Hera"Winselmann sewing machine

This Winselmann is a very close copy of the Singer 28. Of course the decals are different and the bobbin winder looks much like the high version on the later 128
 The decorations are somewhat faded, but they must have been quite elaborate.
 The flywheel.
The 28k theme is carried on, right down to the "vibrating shuttle". Sadly the back of this machine is broken. There is a big crack in the bed, so the arm moves a little. Nevertheless the machine still works!
 The well known bobbin winder.
This badge might look like a Singer badge from a distance, but looking closer there is no mistaking this machine to be anything but a Winselmann from Germany.
There is a nice cover with this machine. Doe the name "Hera" mean this is not the original cover or is it a "Hera by Winselmann"?