Tuesday, 16 January 2018

Karl the Kayser and Amy the Hamfa

Full plastic cases might be a slightly too "modern" feature of the two sewing machines I found at the local second hand store. But inside there are two good classic machines.
Of course the Kayser was owned by Pfaff of Germany. But surprisingly this Kayser was probably built in Japan. Only the base, dials and knobs are made of plastic. The plastic base features a funky lid that doubles as an extension table. The outer body and mechanical parts are all heavy metal. Everything works like it was built yesterday.
The Hamfa is a Japanese Zig Zag deluxe. Basically the same machine as our Victoria, except that Victoria is a free arm machine and Hamfa is not. The top lid and front cover are plastic, but otherwise this is another full steel machine. She was reluctant to move, but careful cleaning and oil made everything work smoothly again.
It seemed most of the friction was located near the flywheel, zig zag mechanism and needle bar. Removing the flywheel and oiling the bearing freed the movement quite a bit, but the needlebar needed a big soaking in oil to free. Otherwise the machines both look very clean inside.