Monday 21 January 2019

Jeep XJ Baby Wagoneer: Bearing, stumble and lock tricks

With snow and frost you can expect some problems with uncooperative locks, but the driver's doorlock wasn't just frozen it was so worn out the key got stuck in. At the same time one of the wheel bearings started rumbling and the engine ran uneven at idle. This happened just before the annual test, so it needed fixing soon.
 The lock cam out with a little persuasion. There was a lot of dirt and rust inside.
Cleaning out the lock and removing a few broken parts got the lock to work adequately again. 
Here it is ready to go back in again. 
Now it was time to start on the new bearing. These come as a complete hub assembly.
 After removing the brake pads, caliper and disk I could reach the three bolts to remove the assembly.
This is the rusty old hub. With the assembly out it was easy to hear the bearing was bad.

Though the picture is blurred the three holes for the bolts are visible here.
 Here we have the new hub in place.

 This is the Idle air valve. It could be the cause of the irregular idle.
It was dirty, so I took it out and cleaned the valve. The car runs smoothly now.