Monday, 23 September 2019

Market Garden 75th anniversary: convoys and army camps

 To commemorate the 75th anniversary of operation Market Garden, several groups of collectors of military vehicles and reenactors staged convoys  and camps along the famous route from the south of the Netherlands to Nijmegen. We visited the final camp of the (mostly British and Belgian)"Liberation Task Force" in Slijk Ewijk and the next day we drove our Austin Ten to a layby on the route of the larger, mostly Dutch convoy. 
 The Liberation task force camp was very well laid out. Here the Belgian section was preparing their drive home after they' d asked us to take their photo with their cameras.
 The camp was built with very authentic looking equipment, so if you pointed the camera the right way it was all very convincing. Most people looked a bit tired after a week of convoying and waving to crowds.
 This convoy had several tanks and other large tracked vehicles too.
I call this a big gun on wheels, but I'm sure there is a more correct classification.
Though the tracked vehicles are impressive I like the large trucks best.
 Next day we took the Austin Ten to a lay-by along the route. Incidentally , this is situated on the German border.
 Everybody was busy waving. Whole families were piled on top of large vehicles like this DUKW
 And smaller bicycles and motorbikes
 This was probably the larges vehicle. We saw no tanks in this convoy.
 Smallest vehicle must have been this paratrooper bike.
 Flags all over the vehicles
 This driver was happy to see us
 Where to?
 All loaded up and kitted out

 Someone's mother in law?
 Don' t mind the smartphone.
 This must have been quite the restoration project.
Not an old vehicle, but a nice touch.