Friday, 5 June 2020

Wolseley 18/85 service and creeky balljoint cure

Again it was time for a biennial service job on the Wolseley. Oil and filter were changed and the other fluids checked. 
Also the brakes were inspected, cleaned and inspected.  Look how similar these brakes seem compared to the A55 pickup.
At the front a good clean was all we could do. The brakepads were fine and the pistons all moved freely.
At dry summer days and temperatures over 24c one of the balljoints was making an awful creeking sound. I removed the balljoint, but could not find anything wrong, so it was regreased and refitted. I greased the other swivelybits, but could not find anything wrong. So now we'll have to wait if the noise reoccurs at the next heat wave. 
For now the Wolseley looks ready for another  couple of fine road trips.