Monday 29 January 2024

MGB Safety belts (Safety Fast)

Frayed safety belts are not safe enough, so I ordered a kit of inertia reel belts to replace the old fixed belts.  
Fitting them was not difficult as the kit came with most of the fittings necessary. Except for one important bracket. 
I noticed the inertia reels don't fit in the existing fixing points. A bespoke bracket exists, but I found they were sold out. 
I scrounged my scrap metal bin and found these very sturdy brackets. Actually they are two halves of the safety cable fitting for a tow bar. I think they are strong enough and their patina matches the rest of the car perfectly. I might paint them later. Maybe.  
New belts in place. Though I would have preferred to use fixed belts as they don't need the extra brackets, the self adjusting inertia reel belts are much easier to use. So I call this a success!