Wednesday 31 January 2024

New Weber 32/36 DGV carburetor for the Jeep CJ

It was about time to replace the old Weber 32/36 DGV on the Ford Pinto engine in the Jeep CJ. It still worked, but the car was complicated to start because the electric choke mechanism was broken. I had replaced it with a manual conversion of sorts but starting still required some clever manipulating a manual throttle control for cold starting. There are comprehensive rebuild kits, but I decided on a new carburetor for a fresh start.   

This is the Spanish version of the Weber 32/36 DGV with a manual choke. 

The differences are clear: the right one is a dirty old thing and the left one is new and shiny. 

here you can see this is a twin choke of 32 and 36 mm diameter. 

The Air filter was very dirty and clearly overdue for replacement. 

After removal I cleaned the mating surfaces and gaskets. 

New carburetor in place
New filter