Thursday, 21 December 2017

Sorting the Serpentine and Exhaust on the Baby Wagoneer

The exhaust on the Wagoneer blew a few holes in the rear pipe and silencer. At first I thought the holes might be weldable, but with the assembly off the car I saw the whole pipe was  too crusty for any welding.
 The cat doesn't look pretty either, but is still usable due to the fact that it is mostly made out of a "stainless" material.
The flange on the cat needed some cleaning, but nothing a wire brush couldn't fix.
 Nice clean tail pipe and box before fitting.
And after fitting and a short, but slightly muddy test drive.
The old serpentine belt has been making annoying squeaky noises form the day it was fitted.  It was a good time to change it.
I couldn't find much wrong with the old one, but the new one seems to be silent now, so I think we can consider this a success.