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Friday, 9 February 2018

Ward Arm & Platform Sewing machine

This ingenious Ward Arm and Platform sewing machine was patented in 1873 and produced from 1875 to 1895. In this photograph the platform is in it's lower position so it can be used as a free arm machine.
 Here the platform is raised. very clever.
 The castings are not just functional. Plenty of decorations cast into the wheel.
 The machine was dry, so I started cleaning and oiling to free the mechanism
 Golden leaves decoration. Worn and old, but still pretty. This is on the base.
 The other side of the base.
There is an interesting "wobbling wheel" to change the circular motion into the up and down movement of the needle bar.
The bright metal is rusted now, but the little lid over the shuttle still has a nice spring action.
 This intricate casting covers part of the mechanism
 This is behind the cover. It looks more like the gearbox of an old car.
Cleaned and all parts are moving. I think if I can find a needle we could actually sew.