Tuesday, 9 January 2018

The blue Rambler rumbles home.

 I can't blame you if you were expecting a Rambler car. I like the Rambler cars as they are very unusual and a bit strange, but this is a...
 .. Rambler Super Zig Zag sewing machine. So it's my first car-branded sewing machine!I don't think it has any actual connection to the cars as the serial number tells me it was made in Japan and the cars were very American.

JA 39, just like some of the Japanese built Kenmore and Morse machines.
 But just like my other Japanese machines it's very well made. How about this dial?
 The stitch length dial and reverse button are some kind of plastic. Otherwise the machine is all metal. I think this one is even heavier than the Einer! Mechanically there seem to be similarities to the Einer.
 The Zig Zag controls chromed metal sliders.
 The mechanical parts are heavy metal slides and steel bars.
 Lifting the "hood" reveals even more steel cogs levers and bars. And it all works beautifully.
The great advantage of one owner machines is that they often come with all the accessories in a special box and user manual. This one even comes with a typed Dutch translation with the manual.